• Write down a list of cultural mistakes that people could make in the UAE. Think about greetings, things people could say, presents they might give.
  • Some people eat when they walk or use left hand to eat.
  • When they talk with ladies they are so close.
  • Dress mistakes for example, some foreign people are wearing sort skirt with half t-shirt or tight dress and walk in public places.
  • Take pictures of strangers without permission.
  • A cables being close each other in public places.
  • What about misunderstandings that Emiratis could cause when they travel abroad.
  • Talking with your mouth full.
  • Avoid blaming the traffic as the reason you late if you have meeting.
  • Took loudly in public places
  • Put the spoon in the plate or eating with hands(without spoon)
  • When they see a ladies wear a  short dress they see her in provocative look


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Reading a story ( gruffalo)

The story about a little mouse walks around forest. He saw 3 animals while he walks. It said for these animals that he will meet the gruffalo and describe what he looks like (has terrible tusks, terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws). Then he said for each animal that the favorite meal for gruffalo is you. After that he meets the gruffalo and he asked him to follow him to scare them, but gruffalo don’t know the plan of mouse. Therefore, a mouse tricks the gruffalo to scare animals. After the animals went away the mouse said his favorite lunch is gruffalo . gruffalo quick as the wind he turned and fled.

The story is : power /fear

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My assignment


My assignment

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Individualism vs. Collectivism (IDV)

Individual versus collective: the extent of integration of individuals in groups. In individual communities, focus on personal achievements and individual rights. It is expected that people to defend their rights and the rights of their families and choose their affiliations.
In contrast, in the collective societies, individuals acting mostly as members of the group or a coherent and continuous organization for life. People have large families, which used to protect them in exchange for loyalty.
For instance, USA has a high score: 91. On the other hand, Africa West has low score: 20
Neill, C. (2012, June 7). GEERT HOFSTEDE: THE 6 DIMENSIONS OF NATIONAL CULTURE. Retrieved September 15, 2015, from
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culture clash 2

 I will be missing the feel of peace and being a citizen who is always living in comfortable and known area. In addition to the low responsibilities that i has to ware about.

Whereas that unethical in the UAE. There will be some culture difference such as the dressing; Emiratis are always wearing the sheila and abaya whereas Australia’s culture doesn’t include that. In addition to the food, Western countries are allowing the not halal food such as dishes that includes some alcohol or the pig meat. Moreover, the behavior, western people are allowing hugs in public

I will be reading about the country culture and especially their low to avoid any kind if misunderstanding. Also l will be asking the UAE embassy to help me to understand their  culture, habits and suitable behavior.

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culture clash 1

  1. I think  the Japanese send the message in wrong time and the American always has a time management.
  2. In Arabic countries when they have a party they do it to have fun and happy.
  3. Workers should be on time because their manager care about his business.
  4. People in Spanish like to do the work in time.
  5. Chains people don’t like this behave because as they know the wipes for hand only.
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cultural object


Yowalah is most traditional dancing in the UAE. Is about group of men into two lines .each man should hold his neighbor’s arm, and hold a stick in the other hand to move it up and down as they move their bodies with the song and there are two or four dancers moving in a circle in the middle between the two lines hold their sticks or guns, also young girls would dance by swinging long black hire and swinging tire bodies with the song .people use that in events and celebrates.

this a video about traditional dance in the UAE

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