• Write down a list of cultural mistakes that people could make in the UAE. Think about greetings, things people could say, presents they might give.
  • Some people eat when they walk or use left hand to eat.
  • When they talk with ladies they are so close.
  • Dress mistakes for example, some foreign people are wearing sort skirt with half t-shirt or tight dress and walk in public places.
  • Take pictures of strangers without permission.
  • A cables being close each other in public places.
  • What about misunderstandings that Emiratis could cause when they travel abroad.
  • Talking with your mouth full.
  • Avoid blaming the traffic as the reason you late if you have meeting.
  • Took loudly in public places
  • Put the spoon in the plate or eating with hands(without spoon)
  • When they see a ladies wear a  short dress they see her in provocative look


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